Whatever your fitness goals, we have the right class for you.

Sharpen your reflexes

  • Boxing Fitness

    These classes will offer a high paced, high intensity workout that will leave you drenched!

  • Boxing Tech

    This technical class will be led by trained boxers with fight experience and are welled versed in the sweet science.

  • Mitt Training

    If you want to improve your boxing skills and just focus on mitt work, this is for you.

get your heart pumping

  • Boot Camp

    Experience a full body, high intensity workout that targets the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body.


    These classes will push your cardio vascular capacity and increase your aerobic stamina.


    If you want your team to improve their play on the field, this is the place for them.

Tone & strengthen your core

  • Pilates Mat Class

    Led by an experienced Pilates instructor, mat class will challenge your core while focusing on the smaller muscle groups that are often ignored.


    Coming soon!

  • Yoga

    Coming soon!

  • Testimonial – Training
    These people seriously know fitness. Pilates, boxing, cross training—they literally do it all and every single penny is incredibly well spent! You will work harder than you have ever worked, you will love every single minute of it, and you will see amazing results. Truly nothing like it.
    —Abigail Knott

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