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    "From the moment I met Jen and Bruce, I knew they were the right people to help me achieve all of my athletic goals. As a collegiate hockey and lacrosse player, I have spent countless hours in the gym. In doing so, I have worked with many different trainers, but none of them have even come close to what Jen and Bruce have done for me. They are very attentive to what all their clients need, as well as how much to push each of them. They continue to impress me in everything that they do for the betterment of my health and overall physique. There is no way I would be where I am without their continued work and dedication in helping me!" —Lucas Bombardier

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    "Jen and her staff have been instrumental in assisting in my sons’ athletic development. They provide excellent, supervised training to both of my boys. Being a medical professional and the team chiropractor for several local high schools and Sacred Heart University, I see many athletic injuries that young athletes face. Jen and her staff not only provide intense work outs, but also focus on injury prevention by teaching proper mechanics and educating their athletes on overall healthy lifestyle habits. Traveling from Shelton to Norwalk is not easy, but it is well worth the miles and time to have my boys work with Jen." —Michelle Pagliaro Haywood D.C, ESCS, CCSMS

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"I can't say enough about The Pilates Center and the new Next Generation Fitness.

The breadth and depth of the trainers' individual & collective knowledge knows no boundaries. For this reason, the opportunities for exercise are unlimited. In my own experience, I have never had two of the same workouts over the years that I have worked with Jen and Bruce. As importantly, both Jen and Bruce have created an environment that is challenging yet inspirational. Given the busy pace of life, fitness often gives for many but I find myself craving my next workout!"

—Alexandra Denney Maruszewski

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    I've been working out with the team at Next Generation Fitness for close to two years now. The facilities they just opened in Norwalk are top notch and the programs/classes they offer are hands down the best alternative to any traditional gym routines/classes out there. This is not a fitness trend or fad and kool-aid will not be served at the door. They have friendly, professionally trained staff and offer various programs which cater to all levels of fitness. From high intensity interval training, bootcamp, pilates and even boxing (this gym has a boxing ring!), Next Generation Fitness has afforded me the ability to maintain the highest level of fitness and avoid the pitfalls of gym monotony. As someone with two young children and a daily commute in Manhattan, this gym has more than satisfied my personal requirements for one on one and class training flexibility. One last thing, don't mistake kindness for a walk-in-the-park exercise regimen. You will work hard, learn, and feel great! —Steve Silvestri

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    "I gotta say … I hate going to the gym. But I know I need to so I can stay sexy. And that's why I love Next Generation. It doesn't even feel like a regular gym. The space is open and welcoming, the trainers are awesome—I feel like I'm just hanging out. Yet after a Boot Camp session with Bruce, my body feels more challenged and energized than ever. These guys keep me in great shape, physically and mentally, and the best part is, I actually enjoy going."
    —Colin Hosten

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