Strength & Cardio

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  • Boot Camp

    Experience a full body, high intensity workout that targets the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body. These classes are a mix of High Intensity Interval Training using weights, resistance bands, body weight, and functional training, all designed to leave you drenched in sweat. These classes are an hour long and no two classes are the same.

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  • High Intensity Interval Training

    These classes will push your cardio vascular capacity and increase your aerobic stamina. Alternating short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover. You will burn more fat and lose more weight compared to a traditional workout. Using various pieces of cardio machines, HIIT training will burn 600-800 calories in an hour, leaving you soaked in sweat.

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  • Team Training

    If you want your team to improve their play on the field, this is the place for them. We have trained and help take the EHL Connecticut Oilers to a championship season in 2015. Combing functional training, including: strength training, cardio/agility, plyometrics, with Pilates has worked wonders in rebalancing and rebuilding solid athletes. Next Generation Fitness is where athletes are built and we have been using all of our fitness knowledge to propel our athletes closer to their goals.

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