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  • BOXING Fitness

    These classes will offer a high paced, high intensity workout that will leave you drenched! This hour-long class will start with some traditional boxing warm-ups and shadow boxing. The real work includes about six to eight rounds of heavy bag work lead by an experienced trainer. Class will usually wind down with some core work and stretching, giving you a great, well rounded workout.

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  • BOXING Tech

    This technical class will be led by trained boxers with fight experience and are welled versed in the sweet science. This class teaches more experienced boxing skills/techniques, which will include; skipping rope, shadow boxing, mitt work, boxing drills, conditioning, and one-on-one sparring. If you ever wanted to look like a fighter this is the class to take. This class is an hour and a half long and focuses on making you a better boxer.

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  • Mitt Training

    If you want to improve your boxing skills and just focus on mitt work, this is for you. A half hour working one on one with a boxing coach, who will correct your punches and focus on more advanced combinations. 30 mins on the mitts will not only improve your boxing skills but also work your cardio and mind like no other work out.

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